7 Best Tennis Racket For Smash – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Tennis Racket for SmashDo you know which is the best tennis racket for smash? The one which gives you a high round of the heavy game. However, the sport of tennis is yet very popular through out the world and of course, played by many tennis enthusiasts, beginner players, and as well as professionals.

Also, there are plenty of different moves that actually can be played in this game. Out of all these different moves, the smash is one of the biggest and favorite moves that played by many professionals as well as beginners.

If you are a beginner or an intermediate player of smash then you need to get the best tennis racket for smash, just in case to enjoy powerful smashing movement.

So, to play the smash with more power and smooth ways, buy the best tennis racket for smash now. As because, you need the precise technique and of course, the right armor to play confidently and it will also help the ball to make such powerful smashes.

Often players still in deep thought to buy such best tennis racket for smash which could be powerful yet provide them a smooth and comfortable feel while holding. And, now we are here to show the top rated seven products, and these all are the best and perfect for smashes.

1.YonexVoltric 7 Lin Dan G4Yes Check Price
2.YonexVoltric 2 BlackYes Check Price
3.Apacs Nano 900 Power White Yes Check Price
4.Apacs EdgeSaber 10 RedYes Check Price
5.YonexVoltric Z Force II 2Yes Check Price
6.YonexDuora 10Yes Check Price
7.Victor Jetspeed S 10 QYes Check Price

1. Yonex Voltric 7 Lin Dan G4 (Navy)

TYonex Voltric 7 Lin Dan G4 Badminton Racquet (Navy)his one is the best tennis racket for smash which provides you with so many different features and amazing build quality as well. This Yonex racket will increase the 5% power of your smash by which you can successfully hit the goal towards your competitor and win the game for sure.

The best tennis racket for smash will also offer you its new concept of control and power just with the help of its Tri-voltage system. The actual purpose of this best tennis racket for smash is to give you some exceptional power and of course, great handling. You will find some extra weight on the top of the head which further increase power at the time of moving.

However, this best tennis racket for smash will give you a high command on your movement and smashing while producing this combination racket of a tri-voltage system so that you can purposely control the racket and its movement.

Quick Features:

  • FRAME POSITION: you may find 2 and 10 o’clock positions of this racket frame, and at the T-Joint area where you can go with the powerful smashes every time.
  • AGILITY: with the help of its Control Support Cap that will offer 88% wider flat surface matched with an ordinary racquet so that you can feel easy gripping, as well as fast swing-through and of course, the quickest maneuverability.
  • T-JOINT AREA: distributing some weight at the top area of this racket frame to the T-joint area to further removes any unstable or cracky feeling while holding flexibility at its head will give you extra smooth handling.
  • SOUND FILTER: a powerful sound will create to encourage aggressive play.
  • Easy to handle
  • Combination technology
  • Flexibility
  • Powerful smashes
  • The manufacturing quality is too bad.


2. Yonex Voltric 2 Black/Red-Model 

Yonex Voltric 2 Black Red-modelYonex Voltric 2 (VT2) is the best tennis racket for smash which also comes with a lightweight and gives you head heavy tennis racket that could be excellent for offensive players. However, the best tennis racket for smash which is popular among traditional players who love to play with aggressiveness and more power.

With the help of its Tri-Voltage Technology which is here to help further the racket to become more powerful, gives you smooth handling, and, yet maneuverable as well. You will find great support and comfort throughout the time of playing, say thanks to its lightweight construction.

This would be the best tennis racket for smash which has made with TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM in which the technology has successfully combined the conflicting points of exceptional control and power. You can make great smashes while maintaining the swing speed of the racket as well. This is a good racket especially for beginners who want to get succeeded while experience the great smash every time.

Quick Features:

  • HEAD: you will find the head of this racket would be square/isometric so that you can enjoy your game and its every move. The best feature ever which makes the racket super comfortable.
  • FLEX: built with the medium stiff flex which will allow you to go beyond your power and get superior control over the game.
  • STRONG SOUNDING: this racket used unique materials for further reducing high pitch and of course, dull soundwaves.
  • POWER AND AGILITY: you will find the great combination of power and control which will define your every move and as well as its agility is here improve your handling while maintaining the power in between.
  • Comfortable handle
  • Perfect smashes
  • Power and superior control
  • No sound
  • It has a poor string tension.


3. Apacs Nano 900 Power White 

Apacs Nano 900 Power White Badminton RacketThe best tennis racket for smash is here to maximize your performance and your control. With the help of its Isometric head frame, you will experience the balances in the length of main and as well as cross strings within the stringbed, this best tennis racket for smash also has made with enlarging the sweet spot so that you can play with extra consistent accuracy, moreover on such off-center hits.

However, this best tennis racket for smash also built with 76 Grommets system in which you will find some more grommet holes which further create a high and good performance stringing pattern which gives you extra 7% more durability and overall comfort.

Thus, this racket has a perfect balance of Ultra-Light Weight, and Head Heavy which will allow you to experience some powerful smashes with hardness as well as good and superior control to defend smashes. With its best Control support Cap that will purposely provide you with its 88% wider flat surface related with an average racket so that you can feel a better gripping, and the quicker maneuverability.

Quick Features:

  • ISOMETRIC HEAD FRAME: comes with an isometric head frame and large sweet spot so that you can feel extra accuracy and fast movements.
  • 76 GROMMET SYSTEMS: the racket filled with maximum holes to improve your performance and 7% extra durability.
  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT BALANCE: the best tennis racket for smash which has the perfect balance of heavy head and ultra-lightweight to provide hard smashes and good control.
  • CONTROL SUPPORT CAP: which will offer you 88% wider surface of flatness for exceptional gripping and as well as fast swings.
  • Great maneuverability
  • Exceptional gripping
  • Maximum holes for better performance
  • Isometric head for fast movements.
  • The strings aren’t last long.


4. Apacs EdgeSaber 10 Red Badminton Racket

Apacs Nano 900 Power White Badminton RacketThe best tennis racket for smash which has built with an isometric head frame to give you further better consistent accuracy to hit like a pro. However, this is the most ultimate racket for you which enhances your overall performance and give you better control to smash even though, on off-center hits.

Though the best tennis racket for a smash in which you will get 76 grommets system and this single-pass grommet hole built will surely provide you with the maximum holes to give you some High-Performance experience and of course, creating for about 7% more durability in your grip and overall smashing.

However, we love this best tennis racket for smash which has made with the new and special material of GS carbon Nanotech to excessively give you more strength, power, and as well as perseverance.

This best tennis racket for smash consists of a large amount of energy and power to provide you with accurate control and smashing hits. You will lead your game with the help of this GS Carbon Nanotech material made a racket.

Quick Features:

  • SQUARE/ISOMETRIC HEAD: this shape of the racket will provide you with lots of accuracies to win the game with full of performance.
  • GROMMET SYSTEM: in which you will find 76 grommets system that will offer you to play with high-performance and as well as experience an extra 7% durability while playing.
  • GS CARBON NANOTECH MATERIAL: both sides of the racket frame has made with this material to provide you with strength and superior control.
  • CONTROL SUPPORT CAP: by which you will get 88% wider flat surface to improve your grip, play with the fast swings, and as well as quicker maneuverability.
  • New material
  • Full support handling
  • Grommet holes for better performance
  • Fast and secure smashes.
  • Not recommended for beginners.


5. Yonex Voltric Z Force II 2 Badminton Racket 

Yonex Voltric Z Force II 2You may experience with the best quality and superb design best tennis racket for smash which can improve your performance and as well as allow you to increase your smashing hits.

However, it will also offer you with the new and enhanced tri-voltage system by which you can find the high-performance, strength, durability, and constant shots even on-center off hits.

Though, with its tri-voltage system, you will find the increased smash energy and overall powerful hits which help you to win the game like a pro. Also, the best tennis racket for smash which has come with the ability of high-performance and has an isometric head for better shots along with its large sweet spot so that you can feel the real power and distance.

Thus, we have seen that this racket will also provide you with the thinnest ever shaft which further helps you to go with the strength and power. Enjoy your smashing movements with full force and control just with the use of this best tennis racket for smash.

Quick Features:

  • ISOMETRIC HEAD: this kind of shape will help you to go with the powerful smash and win the game just the way you want.
  • POWERFUL AND CONTROLLED: this tennis will provide you with the perfect grip, solid control, and overall high-performance capability to enjoy your game till the end.
  • COMFORTABLE HANDLING: the handle is so comfortable and strong made by which you will never go through with slipper situations.
  • TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM: this system will incredibly increase the strength and performance and able you to play the game with the perfect control and smashes.
  • Easy to handle
  • Comfortable grip
  • Perfect handling
  • Fully controlled
  • The racket is expensive.


6. Yonex Duora 10 Badminton Racket 

Yonex Duora 10 Badminton RacketThe YonexDuora 10 touched base in a full-length Yonex spread – the standard quality. The Duora logo looks incredible in the dark – downplayed. The best tennis racket for smash was pre-hung with Yonex BG65Ti string, so the strain is low for good players.

This best tennis racket for smash will put you more strength and power to increase your performance and overall stability. However, this is an incredible best-looking racket in the dark with green decals on one side and orange on the other to mirror the diverse sides of the casing. This is an even equalization/slight head overwhelming edge, hardened shaft.

This best tennis racket for smash will improve your ability to play with full force and never miss any shots again. This could be the best choice for you to start your game with this racket to maximize your complexion and give you some solid made handle which will further give you a superior control throughout the time of playing.

Quick Features:

  • OVERHEAD PERFORMANCE: you will finally get the overhead performance with the racket material which makes the impossible possible within the time.
  • DROP SHOTS: you would feel exceptional solid handling support which allows you to play drop shots like a pro and drop any shot again.
  • ONTO THE SMASH: The frame will give you enough speed that combined with the slightly weighted head and as well as that become overall 3U weight so that you can deliver excellent power.
  • FLAT DRIVES AND PUSHES: Flat drives and pushes will become so easy for you just with the help of this best tennis racket for smash.
  • DEFENSE: you will experience the quickest response with the racket that will help you into a full defensive racket.
  • Good quality
  • Durable material
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Fully control handle
  • Needs more practice for smashing.


7. Victor Jetspeed S 10 Q Badminton Racket 

Victor Jetspeed S 10 Q Badminton RacketBy connecting two cutting edge headways, PYROFIL, and Nano Fortify, with a lightweight best tennis racket for smash that made with the perfect outline and slimmer shaft, the JS-10 conveys a lightweight and fresh racket taking care of involvement.

The reasonable and medium firm casing, related to the thin shaft, makes this racket outstandingly quick, while the PYROFIL and Nano Fortify empowers the more viable exchange of intensity for an all the more assaulting diversion.

Victor Jet Speed S10 Q is surprisingly made to provide you with a hit model from victor brand. This best tennis racket for smash is outfitted with cutting edge victor racket innovations like Nano brace and Pyrofil. This racket is reasonable for aggressive players who want to play like a pro with the style of quick and power shots.

This best tennis racket for smash by victor has created with the features like ultra-hello there modules shaft, Nano brace, and Pyrofil Technology. Its weight is around 87 gms while the player can put 30 Lbs string strain on it.

However, it is an even offset racket with a thin shaft. With even parity and better-streamlined shaft, this victor racket will give extremely quick racket taking care of the player. The shaft is stiffer which will offer you exact authority over shots.

Quick Features:

  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE: you will experience with the high-performance ability to maximize your entertainment level and win your game with higher scores.
  • PERFECT SMASH MOVES: it will offer you to hit perfect smash moves without losing control or strength over the racket.
  • BEST FOR BEGINNERS: as the racket is light in weight that means beginners can easily hold it in their hands without any discomfort.
  • Powerful racket
  • Smash hits
  • Durable quality
  • Light in weight
  • It is yet very expensive as compared to others.


How To Choose The Best Tennis Racket For Smash?

So, as we told you above that the best tennis racket for smash would be the one which has some unique qualities and brilliant features. However, we know it has become difficult for you to find out the exact important features, that’s why here in this buyer guide, we will show you the extreme and vital features in the racket which may allow you to go for outstanding smashes. So, read the features carefully and get the best tennis racket for smash for yourself and win your game ahead…

1. Racket’s Weight Always Matter:

The racket’s weight will always create a huge impact on your performance and holding ability. However, in the racket field, you may find the weight denoted by “U”; so, you need to understand that the smaller the number it would be, the heavier the weight you would feel at the end, of the racket. Well, a good quality racket will usually come with the weight of around 80g to 100g.

  • 4U: 80-84g
  • 3U: 85-89g
  • 2U: 90-94g
  • 1U: 95-100g.

So, if you are a beginner, then you need to choose the racket with the weight of 85g to 89g (3U), this would allow you to go for the perfect performance.

2. Balance Point To Be Considered Carefully:

Before making the final purchase of your racket, you need to find out the balance point. Furthermore, to define the kind of balance your racket hold, you have to place your finger slightly beneath the racket’s head to notice in which exactly way the racket tilts.

Well, the best tennis racket for smash would have come with the head heavy balance feature by which you will find extra strength and power to smash faster and quicker.

3. String Tension Should Be Checked Properly:

Test the pressure of a racket by squeezing your palm against the strings and perceive how far it sinks. A 1mm indented profundity of the strings is the perfect pressure for general players.

If you will in general channel more power into your strokes, you will require higher pressure for your racket strings. For tenderfoots, 22 – 23 lbs is a decent strain, to begin with. Do take note of that strain gauges to differ from area to district because of how temperature influences string pressures – higher racket pressures are generally required for individuals living in the tropics as strings will, in general, extend in more sizzling spots.

4. Find the Perfect Hand Grip Racket:

You need to find the best tennis racket for smash which gives you the perfect hand grip moments. The more you find solid grip, the more you can play harder with different moves including smash. So, choose the racket with an absolute hand grip so that you can go beyond your imagination and perform with full force.

Furthermore, the racket is the most important and crucial tennis equipment which either make you able to win the game or lose. That’s why it is important to select the racket which can match your playing ability.

What Materials Used In Rackets?

The rackets have made with many different materials according to the player’s choice and needs. However, here is the list of materials which have been used while making the best tennis racket for smash.

  • WOOD: The Rackets produced using wood would become large substantial in weight, and the players couldn’t most likely hit smash shots easily because of its too much weight. The wooden made Rackets were likewise not solid. The assembling time was more that caused high in expense. That is the reason it was declined by the players to be used for smashes.
  • STEEL: Steel made Rackets can be utilized as compared to the wooden Rackets. Steel will provide toughness and quality as well. Additionally, the assembling time was less and relatively cost diminished. However, still, you will not be able to play different moves with steel made rackets.
  • CARBON FIBER: Carbon fiber is as well as called Graphite fiber. This is a crystalline Carbon fiber that can turn or weave together. This material could be the best choice for you which further improve your performance and stability. This racket material can improve your control and provide you with better handling as well.
  • OTHER MATERIALS: There are many more other rackets materials available in the market that are used in making Rackets, But, you need to understand that these are not as widely used, however, players aren’t except these types of material for playing different moves. Well, these materials include boron, titanium, ceramics, and as well as some other composite alloys. Well, it is also very true that the quality of these materials will never cross the quality as good as carbon fiber materials.

Some Other Important Factors Of The Best Racket:

    • The best racket will have tension strings like elastic, that could be more stretchable, and therefore the strings will become to lose their tension, so choose the racket wisely.
    • Rackets have come with the feature include “Sweet Spot” and this is the area which available on the string bed, and it will improve your strength and power of smash. Choose the racket with a large sweet spot.
    • Higher tension will offer you with extra power and overall control only in that case when you consistently hit the sweet spot.
    • Don’t play with a lower tension at all; it will slow down your ability and smashing performance.
Well, there are some points and techniques which every beginner needs to understand before picking up the best tennis racket for smash. Though we believe that rackets can play a vital role in performing different moves and smashes, but on other side, techniques and valuable points will also make a good impact on your performance.

So, practice hard and then start your game as a professional in the tennis court, and believe us, you will never miss any shot again when you learn the techniques and have the best tennis racket for smash.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How To Choose The Best Tennis Racket For Smash?

To choose the best racket for smashing movements, you need to find out the perfect head, material, and overall hitting technology that further make the racket powerful and strong to beat the score of smashing and allow you to win the game like a pro. Isometric head, Nanotech material, and thin shaft would be the best choice for you to get the racket and use it for smashing.

2. What Are The Qualities In The Rackets For Playing Smashing Hits?

The qualities would be numerous. However, some of them have come with the feature like head heavy balance, this feature will distribute the weight onto the racket and allow you to experience with the cutting edge smash hits and as well as enjoy swing shots with fast and responsive delivery. These rackets for smashes will also be used as a defensive one to give you overall strength and power.

3. Which Racket Would Be Good For Smash?

We have mentioned some quality rackets above, but in our opinion, Yonex would be the best tennis racket for smash. As the brand,Yonex constantly deliver some high grade and High-Performance rackets which are capable enough to put you up into the crowd and make your game successful. If you are beginner, then start your gaming career with one of the rackets from Yonex.

5. Which Material Is Best For Smash Rackets?

Well, rackets have available with different materials including wood, steel, and carbon. However, wood material will offer you more weight, and you may not be able to go for smash hits. Though, steel material can be used as an alternate for smash (but still they are not recommended). And, the last one carbon material which is also known to be as graphite fiber is the best choice for smash hits.

To play some smash hits in the tennis court could only be possible with the help of the best tennis racket for smash. Without having a good material racket, you will not be able to go for smash moves.So, that’s why to make things easier and comfortable for you we have given you top 7 products. Now choose your favorite one and enjoy playing your game with your best racket.

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